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sql-ledger for Debian

To test this package you need to add a line to you /etc/apache/httpd.conf
 include /etc/sql-ledger/sql-ledger-httpd.conf

then restart apache. 

You also have to add some users to your postgres DB
The easiest way to test this package is to add a postgres-users with the name of www-data. This however will mean that every apache process will be able to authenticate to your DB. 
To make a more robust security scheme, please read your postgres documentation, but for now, do , as root, a 
 su - postgres
 createuser -d www-data
Answer "n" to the question "Shall the new user be allowed to create more new users?"

To finally test this, point your browser at http://localhost/sql-ledger/
 to create the DB, and afterwards: http://localhost/sql-ledger/

 -- Finn-Arne Johansen <>, Sun,  March 21, 2004 15:41:25 +0100