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104 5465d 17h finnarne /trunk/debian/ Removed old Copyright statement, added Author information about localized languages  
103 5465d 17h finnarne /trunk/debian/ Fixed typing error  
102 5465d 18h finnarne /trunk/debian/ Upgraded standard-versions  
101 5465d 18h finnarne /trunk/debian/ Removed the files, it is autogenerated  
100 5465d 18h finnarne /trunk/debian/ postinst removed the creation of symlink from /usr/doc to /usr/share/doc  
99 5468d 13h pere /trunk/debian/ Removed (s) from copyright file to get rid of lintian warning copyright-lists-upstream-authors-with-dh_make-boilerplate.  
98 5478d 20h pere /trunk/debian/ Indent.  
97 5478d 20h pere /trunk/debian/ Add myself as uploader, and some space in the description.  
96 5478d 20h finnarne /trunk/ Fixed missing sql-ledger.png  
95 5478d 20h finnarne /trunk/debian/ Added URL's to administer and login  
94 5478d 20h finnarne /trunk/debian/ A better README on how to test this thing  
93 5478d 21h pere /trunk/debian/ This is still the first upload. The previous one was rejected.  
92 5478d 21h pere /trunk/debian/ Leave the perl dependency handling to dh_perl.  
91 5478d 22h pere /trunk/debian/ Package is arch 'all', and should use Build-Depends-Indep.  
90 5478d 22h pere /trunk/debian/ Add dephelper markers.  
89 5478d 22h finnarne /trunk/debian/ New release  
88 5478d 22h finnarne /trunk/debian/ Replaced dependency on httpd with "apache | httpd" to satisfy lintian  
87 5478d 22h finnarne /trunk/debian/ Addes/removes /usr/doc/sql-ledger during installation/removal  
86 5479d 02h finnarne /trunk/ Moved Image location  
85 5479d 02h finnarne /trunk/debian/ Fixed indenting on descriptions  

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